Adopt a rescue so they live a Spoiled and Fabulous life!  The inspiration for the Spoiled and Fabulous pink puppy logo is to bring awareness on the importance of adopting shelter and rescue dogs.  We believe through fashion we can capture a much larger audience to encourage adopting homeless pets.  Every year 2.3 million cats and dogs in the U.S. are euthanized due to lack of homes and neglect. Our signature Spoiled and Fabulous pink puppy design is embellished with pink Swarovski crystals and shimmer which symbolizes the positive end result of a rescue dog finding a loving home.  The fun clothing and products are for babies to gals of all ages. Show your support for rescue adoptions AND look fabulous with the Spoiled and Fabulous sparkle print.  Portion of sales and products are donated to various shelters nationwide.     

It's our hope that we inspire gals everywhere to give a little something back to the causes they believe in.  Every time someone puts on a Spoiled and Fabulous garment- we want them to realize they have taken part in helping a shelter dog find a Spoiled and Fabulous new life in a loving home.  Take a look at the Spoiled and Fabulous video to see some of our favorite glam gals, pooches and the inspiration.  The second part is our fun music video!    

Please contact your local Humane Society or click on the links below to find your mate for life!  



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