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Simple t-shirt into a fashion statement?

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If you are not familiar with our company you should know the whole reason for our inspired existence is to support adopting from dog rescues and shelters.  In saying that we also love fun fashion.  So, how to make a simple t-shirt a fashion statement?  That’s easy…just add some glitz and glam to it!  T-shirt type apparel has been around forever.  It’s the easiest thing to put on when you are in a rush or just want to lounge.  This is why we decided to create a logo and put it on casual apparel.  Everyone wears casual shirts and what better way to bring awareness to adopting rescue and shelter dogs than by wearing it!  No more big boxy plain white t-shirts!  Thank goodness!  Now t-shirts have become a statement in themselves.  Brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfigure and the list goes on and on have t-shirt apparel .  A lot of the big designers want to cater to the general public and make very casual type fashion clothing.   Modern day t-shirts are embellished with glitter, rhinestones and just about anything you want to show off that’s an important part of your world.  And there are so many ways you can dress them up or just wear them with a pair of your favorite jeans and boots.  How do you dress up your favorite dolman style t-shirt, fitted t-shirt  or crop shirt?  We call it the “casual glam” look.  In our case it would be a “Spoiled and Fabulous” shirt :) and I would just tie a sequence scarf or any scarf with a sparkle on the bottom of the shirt around my hip.  Or, put on a faux leather vest over your shirt…leather vests make every outfit look cool and glam!  Or pair it with color jeans.  How about a t-shirt dress?  Just put a fitted belt around your waist or you can do a loose belt for a more casual look.  You can boho chic the t-shirt outfit by pairing it with a long maxi skirt and a floppy hat.  How about your pint size fashionista?  You can’t just send her in a t-shirt and jeans to school.  If she is anything like her Mommy, she has to accessorize!  Pair a jean mini skirt and leggings with that t-shirt.  How about a tutu, leggings and cute high top sneakers with the t-shirt?  That’s my favorite look.  As a manner of fact, I still wear that look! Well, maybe not the tutu but the jean mini skirt with leggings.  When you pair a casual type shirt with some accessories…now you have a statement outfit.  Use scarfs, boots, belts, hats etc.  The shirt and jeans look is your own fashion statement by adding your style to it.  When I wear my Puppy Luv Glam shirt people are always saying your shirt is so adorable and it looks so cute with that belt and boots!  Or if I wore it with a scarf tied around my hip.  If I wear the “Spoiled and Fabulous” t-shirt dress as a bathing suit cover up people are always asking me where did I get that cute cover up?  Check out the images on this blog post and get some ideas of your own!  So think outside the big boxy t-shirt and make your own fashion statement!


Puppy Luv Glam Team
Fashion with a purpose
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