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How do I love thee… let me count the ways

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So, let’s talk about the different behaviors of a dog that show us love. You may be surprised at some of them!  If you are a dog lover or an animal lover in general than you know by now they possess feelings and emotions in their own sort of way.  Believe it or not dogs have been our constant companion for thousands of years.  The dog is probably the most social and that’s why no other animal has a closer relationship to humans.  We call them man’s best friend or woman’s best friend for good reason!

1) If there’s one thing you can count on your dog is that you can count on your dog! Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth. Dogs are a descendant of wolves. Loyalty comes from wolves. Despite the term “alpha male” implying that a male wolf rules over his pack, the fact is that wolves mate for life, and mating pairs share responsibility in running their packs offspring. Living as part of a nuclear family unit is built into your dog’s instincts, which is what makes them so loyal and such terrific pets.

2) We think a tail wagging is a sign of friendliness or happiness.  Not all the time.  A dog’s tail wagging tells us a lot about emotions.  Such as fear, tension, happiness etc.  Usually, if your pooch is happy she will wag her tail with her whole butt back and forth or in circles.  The more relaxed the tail wagging, the more relaxed she is and happy.  

3) How about when a dog follows you around everywhere you go, it’s just his social thing.  They are pack animals.  They don’t like to be alone. It doesn’t really occur to your dog to seek out “alone time.” It doesn’t cross his mind to want to be apart from you. His devotion means that wherever you are, that’s where he wants to be.  Awww!  In saying that get a dog instead of a significant other!  Lot less grief! :)

3) Licking your face….dogs lick people’s faces for a few different reasons, but in most cases it’s a sign of love and affection.  A dog may also lick you in a submissive way, to let you know that he is not a threat. And of course, your licking dog may also simply be grooming you. Dogs groom each other as a gesture of intimacy when a solid bond is in place, so you can definitely take grooming as a sign of love from your pooch!  Either that or he thinks you need to take a bath!

4) Jumping up on you is a sign of it’s affection also.  As annoying as it is and we all want to train the dog to stop, especially when you are wearing your favorite black dress!  It is instinct to them.  As a puppy, a dog learns to lick its mother’s face and eyes. That’s why your dog jumps on you. It wants to lick your face because it recognizes you as its “parent.”

5) A bit of roughhousing is your dog’s natural way of playing and showing affection. It’s healthy, but also a necessary part of your dog’s social development.  It plays a role in forming a bond between your dog and you. Sometimes roughhousing can go too far, so teach your dog that playing around shouldn’t be too rough: no barking, biting or swiping. Let him be aware that you are not a dog like him.

6) As I said, dogs are a descendant of wolves. Wolves, are social creatures that live in family packs. Dogs are wired to be social also. When the important role you play in your dog’s life quickly becomes apparent to him, you become his “pack leader.” You are the most important individual your dog has, and he looks to you for guidance, approval, companionship and love.  He wants you to be his pack leader, that is true love to a dog.  

7) In the wild, wolves in packs sleep curled up together, since the wolf is an ancestor of dogs their behavior is the same to curl up with each other.  You are your dog’s best friend and family, it’s only natural that she expects to be able to hop up on the bed and sleep up against you.  I have a 110 lb lab that has been sleeping with me since he was 6 weeks old.  Well I decided to get a dog bed for him….he just looked at me as if to say “You sleep in that dog bed lady!  Needless to say he is still in my bed but on the upside he is the best snuggler! :)  What can I say…I sleep with dogs!  If you want your dog to sleep in a dog bed than don’t even think about letting him up on the bed.  Because to him it is natural to sleep beside you.   

8) Does your dog lean against you?  In your dog’s mind it’s a sign of affection. It’s a way of both showing you attention and asking for your attention. So, just take a moment to sit down and let her know you love her back.  We all need some reassurance sometimes! :)

Hopefully, this gave you a little more insight about your best friend.  Just remember when the going gets tough…your pooch will always be there for you!


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