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Celebrities adopting rescue shelter dogs

Let’s face it, we all like looking into the celebrity world and reading all the hot juicy gossip.  Whether we want to admit it or not!  I will admit it is one of my guilty pleasures.  Well, it’s better than eating 5 glazed Dunkin Donuts at midnight when I am bored on a Friday night.  Can you say zero calories!  My point is we are all intrigued and curious about their lifestyles.  And, they can influence our thought process especially when it is a positive thing.  Such as celebs adopting rescue and shelter animals.  They certainly have the money to go to a breeder or high end pet shop but they chose to adopt a rescue dog.  Charlize Theron has rescued 8 dogs over the years.  Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Sandra Bullock, and the list goes on and on.  Miranda Lambert is so passionate about rescue animals that she even created a non-profit organization called The Muttnation Foundation.  I just really wish the tabloids would take more pics of them with their rescue pooches instead of a Starbucks coffee cup in their hand.  Who cares about the coffee cup!  I have to admit when I saw pics of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosseling with their rescue pooches I had to stop what I was doing!  All of a sudden they were on a much higher level than just sexy!

Now a days celebrities influence everything from fashion, hairstyles to vacation spots.  And the public loves it.  Well, how about putting that celebrity influence to good use like adopting rescue animals.  It only seems natural.  I say let’s get celebs to talk about their rescue and shelter pet adoptions!  I think next time Barbara Walters interviews someone famous she should ask if they have an adopted dog! :)  People love to talk about their pets just much as their kids.  Yes we want to know who Ryan Gosling is dating but we also want to know how he is such a sweet guy that he adopted a homeless dog.  The sad truth is 2.7 million homeless animals (dogs and cats) are euthanized each year in the US.  I guess my point is if celebrities start voicing how much of an advocate they are about adopting rescue and shelter dogs than I really think adoption numbers would be higher and higher for homeless animals.  Because of course, everything that celebs experience is so cool that we want to be just like them!


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  1. Toni Amador says:

    Hi, I’m desperate to find two 7 month old Pitt Bull pups a home. I’ve checked everywhere I know, yet I’m sure I’m missing something. I came across the pups but I cannot keep them and am in dire need of assistance to get them adopted. Would any celebrities (not Michael Vic) be interested in them? Siblings; male/female; fixed with current shots. Free to a great home (s). I do not want to see them end up in a shelter.

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