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Happy 2015!  Our first blog post…it took us a while but we finally got our blog going!  So our belief is to focus on the positive of finding loving homes for rescue and shelter dogs.  I have rescued stray, abused animals since I was a teen and it is certainly something in my blood.  Talk to any rescue or shelter volunteer and you will see they have the strongest emotional strength.  But, it all gets to us eventually.  We have all seen those ads and know the plight of these animals.  Most of us can’t even watch the entire ad without having a tear drop.  So, instead of thinking the worst we want to shed light on the good. Our goal is to bring awareness to the public to adopt rescue and shelter pets and show the positive outcome. In fact, our logo and company was inspired by this very thought.  Rescue a pooch – so they can live a spoiled and fabulous life!  But we also wanted to add some glitz and glam and fashion to this inspiration. You can definitely capture a much larger audience through fashion!

So let’s talk rehab for these pooches!  I know there are some folks that are hesitant to adopt a rescue or shelter dog because they feel they are broken or harmful.  Well, then that leads me to the dogs in Michael Vick’s fighting ring.  Remember that guy?  Best Friends Animal Society was one of the animal welfare groups that rescued 22 dogs out of the 51 pit bulls found on the property.  Many more were saved from other rescue groups.  I think these dogs would be the epitome of non adoptable dogs!  I am here to tell you some of those dogs attend events to help other abused animals by interacting with the community.  They are best friends with their new-found “forever” families and they kiss and love which is what every dog does best!  I am very happy to say all of these fighting dogs found amazing, loving and of course spoiled and fabulous lives at the animal sanctuary or with their new loving families!  Dogs are not natural killers.  Humans teach those behaviors and we also have the ability to show them love, rehabilitate and give them a second chance.  Rescue a pooch – so they can live a spoiled and fabulous life!

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