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11 more reasons to love your dog


Studies have shown a dog feels his purpose in life is to please his pack leader who in this case is you!  Basically, your dog is happy when you are happy.  If only I could find a human mate like that! :)  Whether we want to admit it or not we need affection to feel loved.  And, no other animal or human is going to give you as many hugs and kisses to show his affection for you. Dog owners have shown lower depression and blood pressure rates.  Well, that points back to my previous statement…with all of those hugs and sloppy kisses…how can you possibly be depressed or angry!  

Studies have also shown that as dog owners we tend to be in better shape. Since they make us take them for walks or make us get up and throw the ball.  Go on hiking trails.  When clearly I would rather just be sitting and watching my favorite movie for the 10th time.   For all of us that would rather file our toe nails than exercise…at least our beloved pooches get us up on our feet and be active!
This one is for all of the shy folks out there.  Having a dog helps you to go out and about.  You ever notice every time you are out with your dog, people are always stopping and talking to you.  For a shy person this is great because they don’t have to make the initial conversation.  It gets a shy person out of their bubble.  And of course they are the perfect wing man or woman to help you talk to that person you have your eyes on!

Guess what?  With your dog you never have to eat alone!  Am I right?? They expect you to share everything you are eating.  They give you that look of those sad puppy dog eyes literally as if to say, how can you be so mean and not share!  You are always teaching your two legged children to share and now you are not following your own advice.  Then they just stare at you until they break you!

Dogs will literally treat their owners as if they were family because of the inherent nature of dogs being pack animals. The dog will see you, his owner, as the leader of the pack and everyone else as a member of that pack.  As studies have confirmed, dogs can read our emotions. In fact, dogs remain the only non-human animals who scan the left side of our faces when they look at us. This is something that humans do in order to read another person’s emotion.

If you children have left home and the place seems kind of empty, think about getting a dog. Dogs provide a great level of companionship so that it is almost impossible to feel lonely with one around the house.  Of course we would prefer to adopt from an animal shelter or dog rescue.  None of us are perfect and this is also true for dogs. Like us, they often make mistakes and end up with accidents on the carpet or a chewed rug, etc.   They teach us how to forgive and forget which maybe more helpful in our own lives.

Last but not least my dog literally prepared me for motherhood.  Before I had Buddyboy a.k.a. Bubba my Yellow Lab, I only thought about one person and that’s me!  I was very self absorbed and selfish with my time.  Along came Bubba…a 7 week lab puppy!  He of course, stole my heart and I realized he put me in a very unselfish place.  My social calendar definitely changed!  All of a sudden his needs to survive were more important than mine.  Well, survival for me was to make sure I get to meet my friends for drinks after work!  Obviously he couldn’t fend for himself.  Crying all night because he didn’t want to be in his crate.  Waking up in the middle of the night to take him to potty.  He needed me to raise him, discipline him, feed him, clean up after him, basically all the things I do for my little girl.  He really got me ready for the roller coaster of motherhood!  So dogs teach us so much and they really and truly are unconditional love at it’s best….


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